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At KidSenses Children’s Museum, our exhibits, programs, and educational workshops stimulate the imagination and educate the mind. Children and adults experience hands-on fun as they play, learn, and create together in this exciting interactive environment. Our exhibits allow children to explore a variety of skills and subjects. In short, we make learning fun!

Discovery Garden

Reconnect with Nature

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Blue Butterfly

Below is expanded information and detail on each of our exhibits.

A Stitch in Time

Explore the Science and History of Textiles!

Discover the rich textile history of Rutherford County, NC! Use high-powered microscopes to examine different fabrics. Examine other specimens under the microscopes, such as human hair, insect wings, a comic strip, and much more. Funding for this exhibit was made possible by a generous donation by Flora Major of the Kutya Major Foundation, in honor of the late Andrew Major, former president of Mastercraft Corp. and a resident of Rutherfordton for 30 years.

Alphabet Trail

Follow the Alphabet Trail, and learn along the way!

Children ages 1-4 will love this discovery area which reflects the geography and diversity of the foothills region of Western North Carolina. It’s a challenging search for the alphabet, and along the way kids will learn about letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Teachers and parents can relax and visit in the Parent Resource Area, which is always stocked with a variety of helpful resource guides.

At Your Service

An Interactive Fire Station

In this exhibit gallery, children can suit up with real fireman’s gear and climb aboard an authentic, restored LaFrance fire engine! Ring the fire bell, turn on the lights and the siren, and even climb the fire pole! This exhibit promotes the importance of civic responsibility and community service.


Step into the World of Bubbles!

Children will become “Bubble-ologists” when they enter the exciting world of bubbles! Stand inside a giant bubble, create bubble sheets, and much more while exploring the principles and properties of these fascinating pockets of air.

Creation Station

Arts & Crafts Exhibit for Kids

Artists of all ages can use a variety of different media, including paints, pencils, markers, crayons and more, to create lasting masterpieces in this exhibit, that celebrates art, creativity, and invention. Design your dream car with magnets or participate in Adult Guided Creation activities, which change weekly. 

Gears and Gadgets

Dream it, Design it, Build it!

Build structures, invent simple machines, and develop design skills while learning the importance of teamwork and cooperation.


Discover the Science of Nutrition!

Explore the science behind what you eat in the HealthWise Science Lab! Put on your lab coat, goggles, and sterile gloves as you step into HealthWise and conduct real science experiments! This exhibit is FREE with museum admission. This exhibit is open at different times throughout the week, so please inquire at front desk for schedule. Funding for this exhibit was made possible by support from the RHI Legacy Foundation, Timken Foundation of Canton, and Fountain Electric.

Experiments include:

  • Pop Rock Explosion: Discover what really happens when you eat pop rocks and drink soda

  • Acid Testing: Learn how you can use household veggies to test the acid levels of foods

  • Potato Chip Science: Are baked chips really healthier?

  • Blood Sugar Science: Explore how different types of foods are absorbed into our bloodstream

Kid's Pueblito Cafe

Cook up some fun in our kid-friendly kitchen!

Serve up some delicious Mexican food in this bilingual exhibit, which features a kitchen full of a variety of play foods and beverages, a seating area for “customers,” and plenty of tools of the restaurant trade.

Lights! Camera! Action!

To play, or not to play? We know the answer to that question!

Young and old alike will delight in this performing arts space. Take to the stage with different costumes and scripts, or use your imagination to create your own play! YOU control the lights and the curtain because YOU are the star!

Little Family Dollar

A Store Run For Kids, By Kids

Shop to your heart’s content in our kid-size grocery store! Load up a shopping cart with lots of healthy, nutritious items, then ring it all up in an interactive check-out lane. When you’re done shopping for food, head down to Kid’s Pueblito to see what you can cook up and serve to your friends and family! If you’d rather work for the money than spend the money, you can help keep things running smoothly at Little Family Dollar. From stocking the shelves to ringing up customers and maintaining the store front, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy. Who knew entrepreneurship could be so much fun?


Kid Size Hinkle’s Pet Hospital

Start your pet-adventure at PetSenses, a Children’s Veterinarian Office! Grab your lab coat, and take inventory of all of the cuddly animals. At the exam table, use the stethoscope to listen to the animals’ heart beat. Take an X-Ray of your animal to see their bones. Wash and dry your animal friend to the grooming station after their extensive examination! As you are leaving the PetSenses, check out our LIVE Reptilian Animals! Funding for PetSenses was made possible by The Timken Foundation of Canton and Dr. Paul Hinkle.

What is an Engineer?

Kid-Friendly Engineer Exhibits

Explore and discover how engineering plays into sports. Why do some sports require cleats? How do high tops improve a basketball players performance?  Explore these and other questions in this interactive exhibit.

Big Climber

The Best Alternative to Taking the Stairs

This FUNctional piece of artwork enables children to travel between the two floors of interactive exhibits. Climb to the top and observe all the hustle and bustle of Main Street Gallery from your safely-enclosed perch, high above the ground. Ring the bell as loud as you can when you reach the top of this one-of-a-kind climbing structure!

WFUN Studio

Give the Scoop, from WFUN Studio 

See what’s going on in the museum and report it live to Main Street Gallery in this television station where children can sit behind the anchor desk, work the camera, and check their appearance via video camera and monitor. It’s the perfect place for budding broadcast journalists to hone their craft.

ZAP Theatre!

Explore the Science and History of Electricity!

Did you know that Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla once had a very public feud, the results of which has affected the lives of everyone on the planet? You’ll learn all about that titanic duel between two of the world’s most famous inventors and much more when you visit KidSenses’ newest exhibit –  ZAP THEATRE. The centerpiece for this exhibit is a Musical Bi-Polar Tesla Coil. This device generates dramatic lightening bolts which pulsate in harmony with your favorite music. You have to see (and hear) it to believe it! Think Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory! All Zap Theatre Shows are FREE with General Admission. Show schedule varies daily. This exhibit is open at different times throughout the week, so please inquire at front desk for schedule.

Discovery Garden

A Hands-On, Outdoor Nature Exhibit for Kids

Come learn about the natural world in our interactive Discovery Garden! Here you’ll use all five senses to explore the great outdoors – right in our own backyard. View images of our outdoor nature exhibit below, and read on to learn more about what’s in store for you budding naturalists! The Discovery Garden in open Thursday – Saturday from 10:00am – 12:30pm for the Summer season. 2022 opening date: June 2, 2022.

A Stitch in Time
Alphabet Trail
At Your Service
Creation Station
Gears and Gadgets
Health Wise
Puebilito Cafe
Lights, Camera, Action
Little Family Collar
What is an Engineer
Big Climber
WFUN Studio
Zap Theatre
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