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What is The Factory

The Factory is a hands-on maker space where youth will become part of an environment where they can have ideas, meet friends and make cool things. This interactive maker space features tools and technologies such as Laser Cutters, 3-D Printers, Computers and CNC-Robots. Our maker space technicians and guides will help transform your ideas into reality through fun hands-on project experiences.

The Factory is a new division of KidSenses, which is designed for youth ages 11 and up. We have launched a 1.4 million-dollar capital campaign to secure a permanent home for The Factory. While fundraising is underway, we invite you to preview The Factory at the Woodrow Jones Community Hall, located just one block south of KidSenses Children’s Museum.

View our Workshop Calendar to learn more and register to attend.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team


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Cursed Creepy Crawlies! | $35 |1 hour

October 21st @ 10am


This program is what your creepy crawly nightmares are made of! Participants will use their imaginations to create creepy, insect-like droids while learning the basics of circuitry and simple robotics! You'll have a spook-tactular time!

Wacky Wizard Wands | $20 | 45 minutes

November 4th @ 10am

Flick and Swish! This wonderful wizard program incorporates basic circuity and artistic elements to create your very own electronic wizard wand! Join us for a magically good time!


Ghastly Golems | $25 | 45 minutes

November 4th @ 1pm

Embrace your inner monster! Participants will create a ghoulish creature using everyday materials provided by the museum! This program allows participants to express their creative side while also getting technical!

Bot-tastic Boogeyman! | $35 | 1 hour

November 11th @ 10am

Boogey is the name, and fun is the game with this All Hallows Eve inspired program! Participants will create a Spooktacular scarecrow using EggBots and CNC software. This tech-savvy program is a great way to exercise your creative juices while exploring STEM tools. Call today to book your spot!


Monster Mechanoid | $45 | 90 minutes

November 18th @ 10:30am

Do the mash; do the monster mash! This nature inspired Halloween program combines nature and technology! Participants will explore Kiwanis Park in search of natural elements to use in creation of their own Monster Mechanoid!  These nature inspired robots incorporate environmental elements with STEM exploration. 

Fall-Frenzy doodle droids | $35 | 1 hour

November 18th @ 1pm


Let your imagination roam with this Art-ifically inspired program! Participants will embrace the fall season in this interactive fall themed program. Using the materials provided, participants will  create a fall themed piece of art using a doodle droid. Embrace your inner artist and register for the fantastic fall program. (3).jpg
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